Playtest 2

Playtest 2 was another success, even though we didn’t get to drop Banquo into the mix. Before we let him mess up Macbeth’s plan, we need to get a solid handle on whether our health (or, in our case, “bloodlust”) meter is legible to players. So that’s what we focused on for the second playtest. … More Playtest 2

First playtest of the alpha

Yesterday we had the first playtest for the alpha version of the game, up in the gorgeous and glorious cafe of The Garage at Northwestern. In this playtest, we were looking at the playability/intuitiveness of Macbeth’s walk and roll, his two attack strokes, and the balance of damage to him vs. his health replenishment (via contact with … More First playtest of the alpha

He moves!

Early animations are in for the Macbeth avatar! Check out the GIFs below – these are just a few of his moves. NB: GIFs exported at a faster playback rate than they will be in-game. So imagine a little less caffeinated version of this guy. He slices: He dices: He rolls: He strolls: Stay tuned for … More He moves!

Should humanists learn to code?

Earlier this week, I gatecrashed an excellent talk by Nick Montfort, who was visiting Northwestern’s Computer Science Colloquium. I recommend cross-disciplinary gatecrashing whenever possible, if only to see what pastries the other folks have. The talk, “Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities,” derived from his new book by the same title. I was surrounded … More Should humanists learn to code?

Mechanics lock

Something Wicked is officially at the mechanics prototype stage! I love the simplicity of this stage. No art, just movement and interaction. In theater, this might be most similar to the director sitting quietly with the script to sketch out a first idea of blocking. For some directors, this point in the process comes long … More Mechanics lock

Relaunch is live!

EXCITING NEWS: a funding source on our end came through unexpectedly, so we only need to raise $5K!! BUT Kickstarter doesn’t allow changes to the funding goal (or for us to contribute to our own campaign), so we relaunched at Indiegogo (click here to find us in stealth mode!). The Kickstarter is now canceled, which … More Relaunch is live!

Thinking with a medium

Do you think with a medium? Like an art medium: pencil, clay, or really glorious colored sand poured into little patterns on the sidewalks of Manhattan because you’re all about the process not the product and life’s but a walking shadow anyway? What does any given art medium say about the subject you’re capturing? How does … More Thinking with a medium

Looking for a 2D animator

Are you interested in visual designing the look of a small 2D side-scrolling game, with the possibility of getting paid?    We are looking for someone with a distinctive style who’d love to produce and animate a striking visual concept—simple hand-drawn or 2D jointed cut-outs.  The first step is a mock-up animation of the concept for … More Looking for a 2D animator