Mo’ mechanics mo’ mechanics

The next Something Wicked playtest is this Friday, 3/3. If you’re in the Evanston area, sign up to join us! In this video, programmer Nick Segreti talks through the latest mechanics as we get ready to drop Banquo into the game. Advertisements

First playtest of the alpha

Yesterday we had the first playtest for the alpha version of the game, up in the gorgeous and glorious cafe of The Garage at Northwestern. In this playtest, we were looking at the playability/intuitiveness of Macbeth’s walk and roll, his two attack strokes, and the balance of damage to him vs. his health replenishment (via contact with … More First playtest of the alpha

Should humanists learn to code?

Earlier this week, I gatecrashed an excellent talk by Nick Montfort, who was visiting Northwestern’s Computer Science Colloquium. I recommend cross-disciplinary gatecrashing whenever possible, if only to see what pastries the other folks have. The talk, “Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities,” derived from his new book by the same title. I was surrounded … More Should humanists learn to code?

Mechanics lock

Something Wicked is officially at the mechanics prototype stage! I love the simplicity of this stage. No art, just movement and interaction. In theater, this might be most similar to the director sitting quietly with the script to sketch out a first idea of blocking. For some directors, this point in the process comes long … More Mechanics lock

Interdisciplinarity, or, Reading the Room

I once used a (prop) severed head in a research stump speech competition in front of a room full of engineers. Another time, and in a different room, I submitted a business plan that was fully cited and footnoted like any good humanities article. And in an early pitch of the concept for Something Wicked, I answered a psychology professor’s very insightful question about … More Interdisciplinarity, or, Reading the Room