Three Questions for Doris

As the Kickstarter launch date gets ever closer (Tuesday, 8/30!), we sat down with Something Wicked lead designer Doris Rusch to hear her thoughts on Three Questions for a Busy Game Designer. Hop over to Doris’ profile page for her full bio.

What games do you like right now?

Legos are great. Playing with my 21month old son. Also: peek-a-boo. OK, for real: not a ton of time to play any games these days, but I can highly recommend “Affordable Space Adventures” made by some really awesome people in Scandinavia!

Do you work with music in the background? Who’s on your playlist?

I can’t focus with music in the background, but when I have time to actually listen, I just got the new album from “This Way To The Egress”. They are amazing!

What advice would you give someone who wants to design video games?

Always work on a project. Think about it every minute. Do your research. Immerse yourself fully into your theme. Be sure to have a reason for every design decision. A good reason. If you don’t believe in it with every fibre of your heart, change it. Allow others to have their own readings of your game. If they don’t agree, it doesn’t meant what you’re doing is bad.