Something Wicked is a new video game that immerses the player in the story of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Something Wicked is a fast-paced combat game designed as both a companion to reading and learning about the play, and as a stand-alone gaming experience. Prior knowledge of Macbeth is not required – but after playing Something Wicked, players’ understanding of Macbeth will be visceral and unforgettable.

The game follows the storyline of Macbeth and uses only the actual lines from the play in cut-scenes and in-game play – no fake Shakespeare allowed. Players battle their way through the game and level up by completing the quests, riddles, and murders according to Shakespeare’s original storyline – not by rewriting the ending. Players “win” when they play the storyline through to its final beheading.

Something Wicked is not a sedate choose-your-own-adventure, or a talking book.
It’s Shakespeare … for the digital generation.